Today's businessmen of DIASTROSI HELLAS Mr. Panagiotis Panagiotis and Mr. Vasilis Parnaoutis (father and son) very active and artful men, they start their first steps on floor constructions and waterproofing methods, at 1985 and 1996 correspondingly.


Training and experience has passed through a lot of career stages, starting from employees to foremen, from personal business to collaborations with other partners, until our today father and son company.


By obtaining our experience, DIASTROSI HELLAS with full equipment and trained personnel, can see you in your eyes, offering quick, inexpensive and reliable services.

Projects / Customers

Our reference list has small and large projects with different type of constructions since 1985. But the most important thing is our customers satisfaction. Big construction companies and other constructors like civil engineers, contractors and individuals, they have been entrusted us and continue to entrust us.


Our development doesn't stop here. We are always care about new and modern equipment, new materials and constructional solutions and of course full training to our personnel.

Service / After Sales Service

We are always on site from the first visit until the completion of the construction, and with our good After Sales Service department we promise you that will never be exposed and disappointed.

Thank you for your entrust.